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Educational SoftwareEducational SoftwareEducational SoftwareEducational SoftwareEducational SoftwareEducational Software


Hooked on Phonics and Sylvan Learning approached Humanface to develop a number of the software components for their integrated learning systems. The goal of the software components is to support and enhance the lessons that are taught in the accompanying printed material.  For this reason, visual design, menu structure, and lesson content must closely compliment the printed material.  Other key requirements centered around usability, as each software component is meant to be used by the children in the target age group, and content management, with some language components featuring well over 1000 words.

Over a period of over three years, we developed 5 such software components, most with multiple levels to accommodate a range of age groups.  Each component consists of multiple activities which reiterate core lesson concepts and test children on their understanding in a game-like atmosphere.  We employed sophisticated logic systems dictated by the curricula to ensure that concepts are understood.