Johnson & Johnson Intranet

J & J IntranetJ & J IntranetJ & J IntranetJ & J IntranetJ & J IntranetJ & J Intranet


Johnson & Johnson periodically engaged us to create templates for intranet portals designed by their Global Strategic Design Office. 

The first, called Touchpoint, serves as the hub for J&J employees to access company-wide news, information, and resources.  Another engages employees on issues of sustainability and community involvement.

We incorporated a substantial amount of Flash data display and navigation in addition to jQuery animation, while delivering simple, readable code to J&J’s in-house development team.

We worked closely with the GSDO and their development team to develop templates that would integrate smoothly with their Sharepoint and IIS infrastructures, and display cleanly on the legacy systems used by many J&J employees in the field.